Dependencies are cluttering my "My Tasks"

We are using Asana for product development so we have the same template for 100 or so items in development. If I have 20 steps assigned to me in each, that’s a total of 2,000 things for me to do…eventually. The vast majority are dependent upon someone else completing something, but all the tasks show up in my list including the ones I cannot do. So instead of seeing the items I can tackle for each item, I’m seeing all the work I’ll eventually have to do. Is there a way to just see the items I can actually take action on?

When you say “my list” are you referring to “My Tasks”? If you are assigned on a task that is dependent on another one, I am pretty sure you’ll get a notification when the task is done, so you can basically push those tasks to Later to not see them anymore. @Marie can you confirm?

Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman and welcome @Jeff_Starin!

That’s correct @Bastien_Siebman! But I think what @Jeff_Starin is saying is that a lot of the tasks in his My Tasks Today and Upcoming sections are actually not actionable just yet and cluttering his view. Am I correct @Jeff_Starin?

One thing that could be helpful is to leverage the Advanced Search to clearly identify what is actionable for you and what isn’t. I’m thinking in particular about the “Dependency” feature as seen in the screenshots below:

Saving the query below as a Report could be a powerful tool to enable you to focus only on actionable items!

Hope this helps!

Yes, thank you Marie! What is the difference in the filter between blocking, blocked and not blocked? I can’t figure that part out.

No worries @Jeff_Starin!

Blocking captures all the task that are blocking other tasks
Blocked captures all the tasks that are blocked by other tasks (in your case they are the tasks cluttering your My Tasks)
Not Blocked captures all the tasks with dependencies that are actionable (=ready to be worked on)

Hope this helps!

Thank you again. This is very helpful.