Deleting Subtasks Doesn't Get Rid of Subtask Icon

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If you delete the subtasks of a subtask, its “Subtask details and comments” icon remains permanently visible in the parent task.

Steps to reproduce:

1.) Create a task A.
2.) Create a subtask B of task A.
3.) Create a subtask C of subtask B.
4.) Open subtask C.
5.) In subtask C’s menu, hit “Delete task”.
6.) Press the “Delete permanently” button that pops up.

In task A, subtask B will have a word bubble icon permanently visible on it, even when it isn’t selected.

Browser version:


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Note that the subtask “B” has the word bubble icon permanently visible here, unlike the other subtasks.

P.S. This is using Firefox version 124.0.1 (64-bit), if it matters.

Hi @Ryan_Archer,

Actually that bubble does not represent that there are sub-subtasks present; there’s a separate icon (a tree-like thing) that indicates sub-subtasks and includes the count of them:


The bubble indicates that there are comments or activity on the subtask itself.

Does this information help explain what you’re seeing?

Nope. Whether the bubble icon indicates subtasks or not is kind of irrelevant - the issue here is that it becomes permanently fixed in place if you follow the steps to reproduce the bug.

Hi @Ryan_Archer, thanks for reaching out. @Phil_Seeman comment is correct and relevant to this issue, the bubble you are reporting is not related to the subtasks. Please note we are doing our best to help you!

I followed the steps you shared and I’m afraid I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. It’s possible that there is a draft comment or activity in the task and for this reason the bubble keeps visible. I recommend you to contact our support team and share the URL of the task were the bubble doesn’t disappear , they will be able to confirm what is causing the issue.

When you contact them, please share the URL of this thread as well so you don’t need to repeat everything. I hope the issue is solved soon!