Deleting Projects



I believe anyone in your organization can delete projects in Asana. Is there a way to limit that option only to the project owners? It looks like two of our projects were accidentally deleted and it is a huge inconvenience for us now to try to figure out how to bring them back :frowning: I think support can help with this but not quite sure…


Hey Eva, you can find them by looking below your favorited projects on the left pane. If you click on “Show Recents and more…” you’ll see a tab that shows all your deleted projects that you can restore. Typically most folks end up archiving projects instead of deleting it!


@james Good idea! @Eva In addition, to bring back those projects you can do an advanced search:

Advanced search --> add filter --> more --> deleted

Regarding delete abilities, I recommend implementing Asana conventions as described here. And when in doubt, you can always reach out to the support team! They’re basically wizards who can retrieve anything. :slight_smile: