Deleting an already shared report

Hey all,

We have noticed that when we remove a report that is already shared via the Copy Search URL action, others can still access the report via this URL. Is this normal?


Hi @abampakos :wave:t5: Thank you for reach out!

This is a great question! I just tested this on my end and I was also able to access to the report via URL even after removing it from my sidebar. Let me dig further into this and I’ll come back to you as soon as I collect more information.

Thank you for flagging this @abampakos! I’ll keep you posted!

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@Natalia, I would be interested to know what feedback you get on this as well. I actually use this to my benefit. For instance, I’ll create a report for a user or group, rename it and share the link. I’ll then go in and remove the report because I personally don’t need it in my library. I’ve learned the link AND the name of the report is retained. This is great because I can use this as a vanity link elsewhere for reference yet not flood my list of reports. If this isn’t expected behavior, I’d be interested to know whether a fix will change my current workflow. Thanks!

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