Deleted Custom Field

Hi all, someone in my workspace deleted a custom field and I wan to ask if there’s a way we can restore it via the admin console?

I submitted a support ticket over 5 hours ago now and the lack of the custom field is pulling out team to a standstill.

Or does anyone know of a way to find out the progress of a support ticket beyond waiting by my outlook like a puppy waiting for their person to come home? :smiley:

A few questions:

  1. Do you know roughly how long ago this was?

  2. Are you hoping to restore all the DATA that resided in that custom field?

  3. Or just regenerate the field itself, and re-add it to the projects where it resided? (And then recreate the data as needed.)

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  1. less than 12 hours ago.
  2. absolutely, it’s used as a container field for text across some 500 projects, at last export there about 70 tasks/project utilizing that field.
  3. Nope that’d be less than ideal for the reasons stated above. :slight_smile:

But I’m working with support now to fix this, so fingers crossed it can be reverted!

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Yowza, that is a painful loss. You’re responding very promptly and I’m sure that increases the chance of success. Best of luck.

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Hi @Will.S, thanks for reaching out!

I see you mentioned you’re in contact with our Support team. They’ll handle it from here! :slight_smile:

@Will.S - was support able to restore the deleted custom field?

Yes they were, this is where my experience broke down:

730am realized the field was missing.
745am submitted the form to support.
815am received an auto email requesting details
820am replied to the request
825am forwarded the request to Anasa’s account manager for my company
830am received a robot email from Asana stating this kind of request was not supported.
840am replied with screenshots of the form where the category to restore the custom field was located.
9am received an email from account manager saying support has it and would help.
1230pm put in general support request asking for update
130pm DMd Asana on twitter
135pm Asana asked for my email and ticket #
230pm DM response from Asana stating that they had reached out to support to escalate
3pm first message from a person in support
3pm-6pm messages back and forth between me and support
630pm custom field was restored.

I think that Asana has terrible customer support, not the people, the process. The fact that I can’t get any ETA when I submit a ticket, or see the status of a submission, or even had to DM Asana on Twitter to get a reply to my ticket leaves be confused and frustrated.

I don’t mind that it took 11 hours to resolve, I mind the lack of communication and overall obscurity to finding a resolution. If I had submitted a ticket and had any kind of ETA, or could understand the progress I could manage that back to my team and set proper expectations with them.

I was just truly let down by Asana in this instance.


@Will.S - I’m glad they restored it. But, yes, I agree – having support ticket status would massively improve the support process.

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This situation is one of my biggest complaints about Asana… lack of administrative governance. We have a huge need to allow users to create and edit tasks in projects but restrict their access to the project customize structure. Am I missing something?


I think the administrative items I would want are:
Admin level control of a Team’s available custom fields
Admin level control of custom fields within projects (like I want to add/remove a custom field to all projects in this team, or in this portfolio.)
Restrict modification of a project created from a template even if a project is owned by someone new.
Lock task names.
There are others I just need to get to a meeting :smiley:


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