Delete team which is only showing on the app, not on desktop

I am a recent user. I see a team / project in my app, but not on my desktop. I want to delete the team, but that is not possible in the ios app. What to do? Also I can not delete a teammember!?

That is very surprising. Are you really logged in with the same account? Can you try logout and login in the desktop app to rule out any sync issue?

Yep, done it. And still in the app I see the Project, and not in the Desktop

@Edda @Cathya any idea?

Hi @MentesMe and apologies for the delay in replying to you :wave:t3:

Sounds like you might not be looking at the same space (=Organisation/Workspace) in your iOS app and on your computer.

Can you please check which space you’re seeing in iOS? Here are the steps to check what Organization you’re currently in from the iOS app: Getting started with the Asana iOS app | Product guide • Asana

Is it the same space you’re logged in on your computer? Set up your Asana account | Product guide • Asana

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, can you please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on both your computer and iOS app? (MAke sure to include your full browser window and block any private info).

I look forward to your reply!

Hi, same question, screen enclosed (as I am new user, I can add only 1 image).

Hi, any chances for solving this?

I have the same problem. It’s been years and no Asana staff can address this? Support messages go unanswered.