Delete subtask from Asana

I am using Asana batch api for creating subtask. i have created subtask successfully. However, i don’t want to show subtask in UI, as its associated with the respective task. It Showing under the respective task that’s enough.
How to ignore or remove that subtask form ui

Hi @Ankita_Sawasher and welcome to the forum!

When you say

i don’t want to show subtask in UI

do you mean in the main tasks list for the project in the middle pane of the screen, or in a board view, as a card in the board? Or do you mean somewhere else (and if so, where)?

Thanks for replying.
I don’t want those subtask appear in main tasks list for the project in the middle pane of screen. Just want main task list in the middle pane

OK, great, just wanted to make sure we were talking about the same thing before replying.

What causes a subtask to appear in the main task list for a project is that it is assigned to the project. That is, all tasks which are assigned to a project, regardless of whether they are top-level tasks or subtasks, will show in that main tasks list. That’s just the way Asana works.

So the solution for you is just to not assign the subtask to the project.

Ok, however,when I am creating subtask using python library and subtask is assigned to a project, it doesn’t appear in main task list.(Only main task list is shown).and when I am creating subtask using curl ,it appear in main task list of project in the middle of pane. why this is so?

This is not possible. If it’s not appearing, either it isn’t assigned to the project or you have a filter in place in your main task list that’s keeping the subtask from showing. If you want, you can post a screenshot of the subtask’s detail pane to help diagnose what’s going on.

Yes…I am assigning project to the task not to the subtask,but creating subtask under the task…so I thought it will inherit the assigned project of task.
Thanks for helping…really appreciated…

No worries - many people make this same assumption, but as you’ve seen there is no inheritance in Asana!