Delete Section / Remove All Sections

How do you delete a section without deleting the tasks inside the section? We have 40 projects each with 4 sections. I want to stop using sections and create a custom field to service the same organizational purpose. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to delete a section without deleting the tasks inside of it. I also can’t move the tasks out of the section without putting it in another section… which I also want to delete. What the heck? Once you start using sections you can never stop?

Hi @Alex_Graniere. This can actually be done fairly easy. Here is a thread which explains how. You should be able to multiple select the 40 tasks at once, and then drag them up to the very top of the list view (with no section), and then delete the section you don’t want any more. How to delete section in project without deleting completed tasks?


@Bernie_Orelup - wow… so simple. Thanks!