Delete forum post or edit post to delete screenshot?



I accidentally uploaded info I didn’t mean to in a screenshot. Now I can’t delete the screenshot and I can’t delete the post.

I reached out to @Alexis a bit ago, but I’m new here and not sure if that was the right procedure. Isn’t there a way I can take care of this myself? (Seems like there should be…)


@Marie @Kaitie help needed here! :slight_smile:
@Alexis is not part of the team anymore :frowning:


Oh! I was wondering about that, but since I was able to message her, I thought she might be. Thank you, @Bastien_Siebman (I think you just responded on the post that I needed to take the screenshot off of, too. : )


I try to be everywhere :slight_smile:


Hi @Gina_Begin! No worries, I have just removed your screenshot from the post! And as always, thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman :slight_smile:


Thank you — I have another that I’d like to use instead to help illustrate; should I just add it in the replies in that post, or is it possible to add it to the post itself, @Marie?


I have just added this screenshot to your initial post, so you should be all good to go @Gina_Begin!