Delegating your "My Tasks": the role of PA


Hello Asanas!

One of the product improvement I would love to see, is the possibility to delegate your “My Tasks”. Some of the people in an organisation I manage are fantastic at what they do, but they struggle with keeping their tasks in order. At the moment there is someone else who takes care of their tasks, but it is a complex scenario.
At the moment a “PA” does not have access to the other person’s inbox, nor they can move tasks in the “Later” stage. Combining this with the fact that tasks that are “waiting” other tasks are not placed in “upcoming” when the previous tasks is completed makes the tasks of managing someone else’s My Task quite complex and prone to error.

What about allowing to delegate an account to someone else? Just by allowing multiple sessions of asana (one main and one delegated) would sort the issue and would allow people who are still not accustomed to make the most out of asana to be supported by a “PA”.