💡 Delegate faster with a dedicated project with a simple rule

As a result of sending my latest newsletter on Asana, I received a dozen messages (Asana tasks created from my contact form). And for every lead, I always followed the same steps: add our assistant as a collaborator so she can see the task, and assign her on a subtask to create the lead in our CRM.

After doing those steps 3 times, I was like “are you dumb or what? you need to automate this”. Here’s what I did:

  • create a project “Create the lead (automation)” and made it private
  • added a rule “when a task is added to the project, add Julie as a collaborator + create a subtask with instructions”
  • every time a new lead comes in, I multi-home the task into this private project and the rule kicks in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How cool is this?

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Why don’t you automate that part as well?

Because intro calls could be taken by existing customers and in that case they need to be manually attached to their existing project.

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Ah, got it!