delay in processing student licensing.

I submitted my application last week for asana student licensing and so far I received zero responses.
I even provided a proof on my registration and here is the case #336188
the support Asana claims they have is also non-existance. a chatbot with a default setting of sending you to forums
if this is the way, I don’t know why people should use asana

Maybe @Rebecca_McGrath or @Emily_Roman can help you. Are you using the free version in the meantime?

Hello bastian.
Yes, i created a free account to be able to apply for the student licensing.
I even provided an enrolment confirmation. I wanted to attach it here too but new users can not upload.

any update on this matter. it has been days…

@Ram_shadmehr, I know companies in Europe can be closed Friday and Monday for Easter so perhaps that’s why it’s been quiet these days. I’m guessing it will pick up starting tomorrow…


Hi @Ram_shadmehr

I can see our support team has received and approved your request. Enabling your student plan can take up to 2 weeks though, so you may need to wait a little longer. Our team will be in touch as soon as your free plan has been enabled.

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I just heard back from our team - looks like they have provisioned your free student plan and responded to your email so you should be all set :slight_smile:

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