Delay global email notifications

This is different than the case “Delayed Email Notification” posted here: Delaying Email Notification

I would like there to be a global setting (in settings) that would allow us to set a delay before Asana sends email notifications for ANYTHING.

This would be especially useful for new Asana users who are getting used to the system or who are trying out different features.

The reason being, I sometimes accidentally click on a “completed” task button when all I wanted to do was click on the scroll up arrow of a task with subtasks because they are right next to each other. This triggers an unnecessary (and false) email about the completion of a project. A 30-60 second delay before an email is sent out would avoid confusion with these false emails.

I’ve accidentally assigned tasks to the wrong member and corrected it within a few seconds, but again, this triggers an email to the wrong member.

That is an interesting use case, I’ll upvote. However, I would encourage everyone to use the Asana Inbox and not email. I am pretty sure in that case that notifications are being removed if an action is reversed. Or is it not? :thinking:

That’s interesting to check - if notifications are removed from the Asana inbox when the action was reversed. If not, it should also be a feature request. I’ll do a test with one of my workers later and report back.

I might be able to have our team getaway without emails but I can’t rely on the Asana inbox only; we would need at LEAST desktop notifications (which presents the same issue as my original post). We have important updates to tasks and subtasks throughout the day and having desktop notifications turned on is vital to our workflow. The desktop popup notifications would also have to be delayed.

I agree with this request. It’d be nice if it also conflated/combined notifications to one user into one message. We’re using Asana to assign the Asana Academy as a project to each newcomer on our team. Around that same time we might also invite them to the team and set up 1:1 projects. Instead of separate notifications (emails, pings, etc.) it’d be great for the system to wait 5 minutes and send an aggregated message.

We want Asana to keep people in the loop – but we don’t want it to seem like an irritant for new users.