Delay all tasks in a project

Hi, is there a way to easily delay all of the tasks in a project is they haven’t been set up as dependents? ie the tasks are all entered according to original timetable but start now delayed. or did they have to be made in a template in the first place? and, how do i make the tasks for a (probably) repeating project into a template?



This can be done on any project in the Timeline view. Just group select by dragging, and you can move 20-30 tasks simultaneously while maintaining their relative timing.

If you have a huge number to update (like 500+), it may be worthwhile to export, edit dates in Excel or similar, and import. (Just be careful and make sure your import works as you intend before committing to this solution.)

Thanks very much! ah yes thought it might be a premium thing. Sadly I don’t have the premium version, work for a university and we don’t have Asana as a funded service.



Even on the free plan you can use #2 in the post below to shift dates (a day at a time):

Re the idea of export/import, I don’t think that’s practical because there’s no update in place so you’ll be left with a duplicate of each task, and the new ones will have lost a lot of the task detail data like stories including comments.

Re custom templates, that’s only for a paid plan.

Hope that helps,