Default x Days of delay once dependent task is completed

Hi Experts,

Is there any feature where the due date can be defaulted in the task template with reference to a previous dependent task.

Use Case : A blocked date task duration is 2 days from the date the dependent task is completed.

Currently the task template has only from the time it is created, hence the need to change the date multiple times.

  • Gowri

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

I believe you can achieve this using tasks templates. In your template, you can set the relative due date to be 2 days after task creation for the parent task and 1 day after task creation for the dependent task. Could you let us know what issue you are experiencing in this process? This will help us find other solutions!

Hi @Emily_Roman

The use case is that, some of the tasks are variable in nature, lets say 4th Sub task is dependent on 3rd sub task.

3rd Sub task is generally variable in nature ( e.g., govt clearance ). 4th Sub task is 3 days after the 3rd sub task is closed.

Current feature only enables start date defauled from the main task start date.