Default timeline view to today


Timeline is pretty sweet considering it’s new but I think we can all agree it still needs to grow to be awesome! One small but quite important improvement would be to have the timeline default to the current date view rather than as it does at the moment to the beginning of the oldest task. I’ve had to restructure my whole way of working so that I can have each client as a task under one ‘clients’ project just so I could wrangle a master timeline together as the biggest current shortcoming is that timeline is isolated to each project. However, I’m currently working with some clients over months which means when I look at timeline it just goes to January 2018. I know there’s a ‘today’ button, but as I’m in Asana all day every day and constantly jumping from tasks to lists to the timeline it’s one of those not huge but getting pretty annoying things.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Raquel_Fernandes! We still have a full team working on developing/improving the Timeline feature and your feedback is very important to us; it really helps us understanding your need and making the best decisions for future improvement, so again, thanks for taking the time to share it with us and our Community! :slight_smile: