Default Task Due Times



PLEASE could you enable a way to add default due times (or at the very least make it easier to add due times into the tool please)?

Right now, every day at midnight, my phone goes mental as it alerts me to all the things I need to get done after I wake up, as people (including me) set a due date but not time. These alerts would be way more useful if I could schedule them to happen at 7am or something.


I’m having a similar issue when using unito to sync to Jira. Due dates set in Jira will be as only a date, once they are added to Asana, they show up as the day-1(7:00pm). Makes it a little confusing when coordinating between the two when you have to tell team members that in Jira the due date is the start of the day, but if you’re looking in Asana it will be the end of the day.