Default setting of adding public task in My Tasks

I use the calendar instead of the task list under my profile and being able to quickly add tasks without the extra hassle of clicking on them again and setting them to public would save us so much headache. My anxiety is making me double-check on all of them regularly and it is incredibly frustrating!

This is a WORKspace and it makes absolutely no sense not to make a feature like this available. There is so much demand yet the usual response is projects, projects, projects. There’s a persistent assumption by admins here that only collaborative tasks are relevant to colleagues. This needs to stop.

The default setting remains a CHOICE to users; managers/supervisors for example can still leave their defaults as private. Having a default setting would ADD to the overall user experience and I don’t see any negatives to it. Please implement it ASAP!

Can this please be implemented?

My coworker and I have tasks that doesn’t belong to any project. They’re just part of our position at our company. Sometime our tasks are extensive and we forgot to “make public” while we’re listing out our day/week. Without seeing my workload, my coworker assign tasks with shorter dude dates. Then we have to call or slack them saying “oh hey, no, can’t do that because you can’t see it but I have a ton of work”. Which wouldn’t have been necessary if they could just see what we had to do for the day/week.

Isn’t seamless communication the point of Asana? If we wanted a task manager, we would’ve just stick to Google Calendar or even the reminder app on the iPhones.

Tell me now if Asana is meant for projects only then we can invest of money on a different platform.

Hi @Rosie_Ly and welcome to the forum!

Since this request was made, Asana updated how things can be visible in My Tasks. You can now share your My Tasks with your coworker so they can see your task and workload.

Adding another voice to the chorus. I kept getting tasks assigned to me by my supervisor when I’d already created a task for the same thing. I hadn’t noticed that tasks are private by default, but now it makes sense, and I try to remember to hit “make public” on each task I create. It would be great to be able to change the default visibility per-user.

I also like the idea of showing public/private in the task list in different colors to make it obvious which are which.

Giving someone access to your My Tasks doesn’t actually let them see your private tasks.

+1 for Public-by-default tasks.