Default Project’s Stage Setting Vs Automated Rules in Personal Project

Hello team, I tried to link project tasks To my teammates’ personal projects. However, the default setting in the teams projects will be automatically altered by the automated rules set in their personal projects.

It becomes a problem because the teammates are unable to see the original urgency and stage set for the project. How may I address the issue. Thanks


What kind of rules do your colleagues have in their personal projects? Because indeed a rule that would remove any urgency is a big issue :sweat_smile:

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Dear Bastien,

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply!

As by default, I set the automated rules for my colleagues with rules putting the urgency as “medium” and
setting the stage of the progress to be “planning”. The original purpose of having these rules was to save up time when they create a task generally (so they don’t have to input one by one). However, when another project is being linked to their personal project, the below situation will happen.


What does this mean exactly?

“linking project tasks” is not an official Asana term so I am bit confused :slight_smile: you mean “multi-homing”?

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