Default assignee




How many +1’s are required before this is implemented?.. Kirsten summed up my thoughts entirely.


Agreed. +1 for this feature request.


The lack of this feature is what’s holding me back from diving in deeper with Asana at our university. I wish they would implement this as it would be great for faculty task organizing. That they seem indifferent to the community on this makes it hard for me to recommend the app here. Disappointing.


+1 for this feature. I was searching on Google to see if this feature existed, or if it was requested. I’m surprised that after over a year of this threads existence, it’s still not a function of Asana. I was more surprised that the previous comment on this thread was just 3 days ago.

Although a current workaround is to press Tab+M when you are typing a task, or have a task open, it’s just extra work that users of Asana shouldn’t be doing if it’s a default setting that can be set account-wide or even project-wide.

As others have probably mentioned in this thread, some use Asana just for themselves. Some have projects and/or teams where it’s literally just themselves, where every task is for them by default already. I feel that this is a key feature that’s currently missing on Asana.


1+ how many will it take?


+1 for defaulting to myself and today when creating a new task. I would really help it using this on a mobile!


+1 vote :slightly_smiling_face:


+1 Would be great to have.