Default assignee

Another big +1.

In a team of one it is an unnecessary additional step that is very easy to skip over - the result being occasionally missing daily tasks when working from the calendar view of My Tasks - this is essential - please, please add!

+1 here

Just delved into Asana to help better manage personal projects, and I find the lack of this feature quite the dealbreaker when it comes to considering the paid tiers. +1 from me.

Hey evrybody, i also would like to set a default assignee for new tasks

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I’m a new user and just recoiled in horror that I have to manually add myself to tasks I create, and that there is no way to assign a default. Add another vote for me. Thank you.

Baby start-up company of 1 person here. I’ve just started using Asana and loving it over Trello for the project management and task list integration BUT found having to individually assign subtasks to myself a real drag. I’m not a business customer YET as my budget for getting started is all spent up but that’s not to say I won’t become a paying customer as my business develops. Sad that there isn’t a real work around, other than creating tasks in My Tasks and then having to assign them to the correct projects - just swings and roundabouts when it comes to the ineffienciency of unnecessary button clicking.

+1 for implementation of a default assignee function on behalf of all the companies of a single person. Pretty please, lovely Asana peeps.

+1 from me too! Have used Asana for years now, both while at an agency and now as a freelancer. Would love the platform to be more inclusive of solo businesses.

Yes, just signed up and wish this was a featured, as I am currently a company of 1.

Count me in as another “how is this not already a thing” vote.

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The ability to assign a default assignee greatly reduces the risk of forgetting a very crucial tasks. We should be able to turn the option on and off. The lack of this feature is the NUMBER ONE reason I keep trying other applications.

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90% of the tasks I create in Asana are for me. When I’m adding a task, it seems crazy that I have to manually assign the task to myself.

Adding a task should be quick and simple. Not a laborious task.

Please, Asana, make your service easier to use. Right now it’s cumbersome to add tasks. I just want my tasks to automatically be assigned to me.

Add me in. Please add this soon, asana.

It’s been three years and 155 posts/replies (so far)!

Until/if Asana offers this feature, I’d like to mention these two potential workarounds that may at least help some folks.

I don’t believe either has been suggested above yet in all this time:

  • Use Tab+M to quickly assign to yourself (/cc @Matt_Maldre)
  • Use Rules (if on Business plan) with trigger New Task Added and action Assign To.



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If a project is private to me. The tasks should by default get assigned to me.

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Another ++++++1 . Having to manually assign tasks I am creating for myself to myself is hugely clunky and borderline ridiculous. Even for teams, it is often appropriate to have one person assigned by default.

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I’m using an iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard setup, but the ipad app doesn’t have keyboard shortcuts yet so the Tab+M workaround doesn’t work. Add me to the list of people that would love to see default assignee added as a feature!

+1 looking for a default assignee


Adding me here. Just started using asana today and realize this is a problem for me. +2 for default assignee.

Yes, that is super inconvenient to self assign for each task. Number one issue for managing private projects -_-

Thanks for the tab+M shortcut! That will save time over a lot of time!

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