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Baby start-up company of 1 person here. I’ve just started using Asana and loving it over Trello for the project management and task list integration BUT found having to individually assign subtasks to myself a real drag. I’m not a business customer YET as my budget for getting started is all spent up but that’s not to say I won’t become a paying customer as my business develops. Sad that there isn’t a real work around, other than creating tasks in My Tasks and then having to assign them to the correct projects - just swings and roundabouts when it comes to the ineffienciency of unnecessary button clicking.

+1 for implementation of a default assignee function on behalf of all the companies of a single person. Pretty please, lovely Asana peeps.

+1 from me too! Have used Asana for years now, both while at an agency and now as a freelancer. Would love the platform to be more inclusive of solo businesses.

Yes, just signed up and wish this was a featured, as I am currently a company of 1.

Count me in as another “how is this not already a thing” vote.

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The ability to assign a default assignee greatly reduces the risk of forgetting a very crucial tasks. We should be able to turn the option on and off. The lack of this feature is the NUMBER ONE reason I keep trying other applications.


90% of the tasks I create in Asana are for me. When I’m adding a task, it seems crazy that I have to manually assign the task to myself.

Adding a task should be quick and simple. Not a laborious task.

Please, Asana, make your service easier to use. Right now it’s cumbersome to add tasks. I just want my tasks to automatically be assigned to me.

Add me in. Please add this soon, asana.

It’s been three years and 155 posts/replies (so far)!

Until/if Asana offers this feature, I’d like to mention these two potential workarounds that may at least help some folks.

I don’t believe either has been suggested above yet in all this time:

  • Use Tab+M to quickly assign to yourself (/cc @Matt_Maldre)
  • Use Rules (if on Business plan) with trigger New Task Added and action Assign To.




If a project is private to me. The tasks should by default get assigned to me.


Another ++++++1 . Having to manually assign tasks I am creating for myself to myself is hugely clunky and borderline ridiculous. Even for teams, it is often appropriate to have one person assigned by default.


I’m using an iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard setup, but the ipad app doesn’t have keyboard shortcuts yet so the Tab+M workaround doesn’t work. Add me to the list of people that would love to see default assignee added as a feature!

+1 looking for a default assignee


Adding me here. Just started using asana today and realize this is a problem for me. +2 for default assignee.

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Yes, that is super inconvenient to self assign for each task. Number one issue for managing private projects -_-

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Thanks for the tab+M shortcut! That will save time over a lot of time!

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Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that I tweeted about this issue, and the team at Asana with the highest chances to achieve this has finally acknowledged it.

Feel free to reply to the post to share your thoughts! Anything that may help the guys at Asana to feel the urgency of the feature and make it happen as soon as possible.

Original post:


Just started using Asana, and can confirm much needed option of default assignee needed.

Why don’t you just use a rule so that every time you create a task in a project it’s auto assigned to yourself?


It will be nice if there is a default assignee for every task in a project.

That way,

  1. In a project I create for myself, I can have me at default assignee
  2. In a project where I want to delegate the work of assigning people, I can easily assign all tasks to say a team leader (who in turn can identify people and reassign them later). This will be helpful to list out the tasks without worrying about the people involved and at the same time removes the risk of tasks not being assigned to anyone.

Here’s my upvote!