Deactivating account



Hi - we have an Asana account set up by an old Director who no longer works with us. We are therefore having trouble managing it as we are not the primary account holder. How can we delete our account and start again when the primary account holder is no longer available?


Hey @Nikki_Zdun; Michael from the Asana support team here.

In free Organizations there are no admins, therefore the control of an Asana Organization is not centralized by a primary account holder the way a premium account is administers by a billing owner/admin. If you wished to remove folks from your Organization, you can do so by following the directions available here.

If you wished to start your Asana Organization over from scratch, our support team would be happy to help you do so! You just need to reach out via our support form, that’s available at

We respond to support requests in a first come first basis, so in case our Team is busy, if you’d like a fresh place for you and your team to begin in the mean time, I recommend that you create a new workspace by:

  • Clicking your profile photo and select My Profile Settings from the list;
  • Click the Account tab;
  • Select Create New Workspace.

Once you’ve created your Workspace, navigate to it by clicking your Profile photo, then selecting that workspace from the drop down menu. From there, invite your team to this space, by using the quick add button; select invite and input your colleague’s emails to invite them to this space.

Once you’ve done so, you’re ready to start anew! Once our Team receives your request let them know you’d like to remove your old Organization and use the domain to upgrade your new Workspace & our team would be happy to provide the instructions on how to do so.

In you wish to copy Projects over, from your current Organization to your new Workspace, I invite you to take a look at the following thread on how to use Kothar; it’s a great integration that makes this possible

Hope this helps get you and your Team started again!