Dates associated with Tasks are lost when Project is duplicated

When I duplicate a project, none of the dates are carried over. I am using this for what-if planning, so I really want the dates, templates are not what I am looking for. From search here and other places, it seems like it should do that. I have all checkboxes marked in duplicate - though none indicates date.

Any help greatly appreciated.

@James_Carl I think your help is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you @Bastien_Siebman. @Stephen_Johns, our company produces the Sendana line of utilities. We have two utilities that I believe will solve your problem. The first Sendana Add, will do all your duplication and has the option to retain both Start Date and Due Date. The second Sendana Data will allow you to roll dates backwards and forwards and decide if you want to skip weekends. This can be found at If you have any questions or problems just PM me or email Thanks

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