Dates and Time no longer appear on printed tasks


Hi - When we used to print tasks from Asana, the date and time on the comments used to print. The date and time of the task no longer prints. Can anyone please help with this issue? Regards, GK

Printing tasks missing dates

Hi @Gabrijel_Kapiteli and welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear you’re running into trouble; is this happening when you’re trying to print one specific task? Are you having the same problem when trying to log in with a different browser?

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Hi Marie,

Thanks for your reply.

Correct. Only when printing one specific task.

I use Chrome and unfortunately its not working…. I have also tried Internet Explorer; this has failed too.

Please note, the date and time used to appear about 3 months ago when printing the specific task… since it has stopped. I also have other colleagues (different email address) where they are experiencing the same thing.

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Thanks for the quick follow-up @Gabrijel_Kapiteli,

I am using Chrome too but can’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue on my end (See screenshot below) :sweat_smile:

Could you send me a screenshot of what you see in your printing preview?


Hi Maria,

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Was wondering if you had an opportunity to review the below as yet?




Hi @Gabrijel_Kapiteli and thanks for the follow-up!

We seem to be unable to reproduce the issue you’re describing :sweat_smile: Could you please send me a screenshot if what you see in your printing preview?

Sincere apologies for the trouble and thank you so much for your help!


Hi Marie,

Thanks for your reply. See screenshots below.

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Thanks for the quick reply @Gabrijel_Kapiteli! I’ve escalated your report to our Development Team and I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update!


Hi Marie,

Hope you are well.

Have you had a chance to sort out the issue with the dates as yet?




Thanks for the follow-up @Gabrijel_Kapiteli.

I don’t have any update at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do! Sincere apologies for the trouble!


Hi Marie,

Happy New Year!

Have there been any developments as yet?




When printing tasks, it does not include dates in the narrative, which is a problem.


Checking with the team @Gabrijel_Kapiteli!


He @Gabrijel_Kapiteli,

Our Team is looking into this at the moment. It appears that the “dates” you’re seeing in your second screenshot (see below) belong to the task history (Activity Feed) and are not due dates. The due date of your task is in the top right corner of your screen (due December 1st).

I’m moving this thread out of the Bug category as I don’t believe this is a bug, but I’m happy to pursue the discussion in #productfeedback :slight_smile:


I have exactly the same problem. When I print a specific task, Date and time of activity feed (comments) are missing (see screen-shot below).
This is very frustrating… because our superior ask us constant updates on print sheets.
This led me to require people to insert dates MANUALLY before any update comment they make (see screen-shot below) - they hate me for that. :frowning_face:
I tried a workaround with asana2go, but they do not have this feature either.
This cannot be difficult to modify this, I hope there are no other hidden reasons for this design choice.


Hi Marie,

Hope all is well.

Any updates?