Date Picker should be stable on the screen when scrolling through months



When I’m setting the due-date on sub-tasks, there’s no option to type in a date; I have to select the date using the pop-up calendar. Ability to type a date would be nice. But the calendar has a problem in that when scrolling several months into the future, I need to click the right arrow 5 or 6 times quickly but the scroll arrow moves around on the screen whenever a month needs to display 6 weeks rather than 5. This means that when I’m clicking rapidly the calendar will move under my mouse and either deselect the task or miss the button.

Change a due date on the task description (left part)

Hi @Ben_Flemming

What are Browsers etc are you using because I have just tried and I can type the due date directly into the field without using the Date Picker. As per below;




Right, the date picker works tasks, I’m finding this issue with SubTasks.


@Ben_Flemming Oh okay Ben haven’t noticed that before will have to check it out



@Ben_Flemming I have mucked around with Sub Tasks as well and I don’t have the problem. For me the Sub Tasks behave the same as Tasks. Are other people in your team experiencing the same issue? and Have you tried another browser?
Might be worth contacting support.


I can reproduce this behavior. @Jason_Woods, I suspect you are looking in the wrong place. There appear to be 2 date selection interfaces. And the one you get depends on where it’s being selected from.

  • “Full” date selection
    • You can manually enter the date.
    • The calendar doesn’t shift based on the number of weeks in the month.
    • Presented from
      • The Task panel.
      • The Progress view.
  • “Limited” date selection
    • You can not manually enter the date.
    • The calendar does shift based on the number of weeks in the month.
    • Presented from
      • The Task list when changing a Task’s due date
        • Sidenote, you can change the due date from the Task list but you can’t set the date from the Task list.
      • The Subtask list within the Task panel when setting a due date.


Ahhh . Thanks @Vince_Mustachio. Didn’t even think about the date from the list pane… Agree with @Ben_Flemming it would be very useful to be able to end the date directly. Will be voting for this…



Hello all,
when you want to update a due date directly from the task (on left part of the screen), it is not so convenient as the calendar is “moving” because of the number of days of the month.

Is there an update planned on this?




When it rains it pours. Someone else just noticed this behavior and posted a similar topic.

@Marie, could you merge please.


Bonjour @Mathieu_Sterckeman :wave:t3: and thanks for your feedback!

As @Vince_Mustachio mentioned in his comment, we already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread! Hope that’s ok!

PS: Just in case you missed it, we also have a French speaking Forum :slight_smile:


I think it would also be helpful to be able to remove a subtask’s due date from list view, without needing to go down into that subtask’s notes and comments.

We sometimes have a project go on hold, where all the subtasks need to remain for later use, but all the due dates need to be removed.


+1 here to fix. Was literally just talking to a colleague about this annoying behavior today.