Date formats for non americans


I’m an European user and, as such, I’d like to be able to enter dates in the common (for non-americans) DD/MM/YYYY format. The Asana web app does not respect my Windows settings (which are configured to DD/MM/YYYY).

Is there an option to do so? Is it possible to add it, or to respect the user’s preferences?


Hey @Andrea_Bergia

You’re correct, there is no way for us to alter the format of dates within Asana at the moment, though you’ve posted your request in the right place for our developers to look at :slight_smile:


Any update on the timeframe for implementing this?


How is it possible that such a simple option is taking so long to be implemented?


The only standard format is YYYY-MM-DD (ISO 8601).

If I copy-paste that format into Asana, it misinterprets it.


I really don’t understand how something as obvious as date format is not available to a product which is being marketed internationally.


Yes please. How on earth does it make sense to put the month first? If someone asks you the day today, you don’t say “January”.