Date Field in Customize field

Hi there why is it not possible to create a DATA field in the customize field?

Hey @Maurizio_Yorck,

can you clarify what you mean by data field?

Currently you can set drop-down, number and text if you are subscribed to Asana Premium

Or did you mean „Date“ field?
If so then I suggest to upvote here:
DATE - Custom Field Type :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Andrea_Mayer for your quick reply.
yes, I meant Date field sorry.
I don’t understand how it is possible not to have implemented the management of an obvious and necessary field right away. In Asana there are already “start” and “due date” should be an easy implementation. Do you know when it will be available?
Can you tell me something about the download in excel (NO CSV) of partial searches including customize field also?

Hi @Maurizio_Yorck

Asana has not announced when it will be available, last message from the Asana is this one : DATE - Custom Field Type - #169 by Emily_Roman

Concerning the download in Excel, you can only use csv for the moment. By using the advanced search you can customize the report you want, and thus the csv file.


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