Date field doesn't allow manually typing dates prior to this month

Ideally, I’d be able to type a date like 12/05/1985 and it would fill in the date field properly (just like typing in 12/05/2022 does).

However, typing in the older date, for some reason strips the year and converts it to 2085 instead of 1985. Why?

This makes it extremely difficult to put in an OLD date within a date field. Especially because the month dropdown in the datepicker also only allows to choose current/future months, instead of being able to scroll through previous years too.

Long story short, we want to use the new Date field as a Birthday field. But it’s nearly impossible to make this work as expected, since it’s extremely tedious to get an old date in it.

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Good catch!

Thanks for flagging this, @FreshyJon!

I’ve passed it on to our Product team and will let know when I receive an update :slight_smile:

Is this going to be resolved soon? This seems like a bug, and makes it practically unusable for older dates.