Date display in Tasks



Is there a way to change how Asana displays the date of comments made in the previous 30 days?

It currently will say “3 days ago” all the way up to “29 days ago” and once it hits 30 days old, it switches to the absolute date, e.g. “April 21.”

I think it would be nice if it said “Yesterday, May 20” and “Two days ago, May 19.” After two or three days, it could just list the absolute date. I have little use for the relative metric of “29 days ago” and it makes it difficult to reference previous comments as that relative metric changes every day.


There is no way to do this, the “Product feedback” section is a good choice, people can vote on your idea.
I personnaly think that would be a lot of work for the product team and I would guess they won’t do it :sweat_smile:


I am also not a huge fan of this change. I think up to ‘30 days ago’ is too much. For the way our teams use asana, the date was much more useful. Can I choose for it to go back to how it was? :smile:


To add to this thread, is there way to revert back to the old Asana view where the date the comment is added would be displayed rather than the current view of “2 days go”

Can we have the option to adjust which view would be most effective epending on the business’ needs?


Hi Bastien,
I agree my suggestion is a bit trickier to implement. As others mentioned, I think just showing the date (and not “X days ago”) is also preferred. It’s just an easier to digest piece of information once a post is a few days old.
I don’t have a lot of experience in these forums, but it looks like we’re already in the Product Feedback section, right? I take it any upvote here is an affirmation of changing away from a relative date of “X days ago” to an absolute date, e.g. “May 22.”


That would be for the Asana product team to decide on the solution I guess.