DATE - Custom Field Type



What do you think about adding new field type “Date”? I’d like to have “Start Date” and “End Date” for tasks and currently I am using “Text” field for that which does not work well for 2 reasons:

  1. Inconsistency - date formats are written differently by team members. 13 April, 13/04, 13 april 2017…
  2. Inability to Sort By - text fields are general. That’s why you cannot really “Sort By” those fields. In case of Dates, you could sort tasks by Date. This point actually is linked to first point - consistency.

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Thanks for the feedback, @kshengelia. This is something we hear from customers often, and we hope to be able to improve the functionality for this soon.

In the meantime, have you considered trying out a subtask for the start date? This would allow it to appear in the assignee’s task list on the start date (if the subtask is assigned to them as well) and can also be brought up in advanced search results for the project to include tasks and subtasks in a list.

Let me know if this might work in the meantime, and we’ll keep you updated on future improvements for start dates. Thanks!


@Kaitie sure that works. Thank you. I am just posting product idea which would make it more straightforward and better.


I echo this. It’d be great to have dates as custom field types!


I second, that’s a good idea.


I’d also like to chime in with a request for this feature, please. I’ve just set up a task template with a few different fields, two of which ask for specific event dates. These are unrelated to the due date of the task itself. At the moment, people have to manually type in their date, but it would be easier to have a proper date field available.



I need it too!!!
I hope this could be real soon!

Thanks Asana!


I agree. A custom date field would be helpful, for example to set internal deadlines or notes on when to follow up without having to create another task just to follow up on an existing task.


Please, please, please… when is soon?


Really wish this was a thing. Using subtask for it doesn’t work because if you want to select a bunch of tasks and change all the custom fields at once you can’t if it is a subtask.


Add another vote for Date as a custom field type.


PLEASE implement this


Another vote for this. Please implement it!


Another plea for this request. Does anyone know this is on the timeline for asana development? Any word?


Be nice to include Date as a Type in the Custom Field rather than typing the date - possibility of people entering different date formats since there is no format validation.


it will be good if you can include another type as Calendar in custom field, it will be helpful in update dates for anything as you don’t need to put dates manually in certain format.


Thanks Bastien Siebman, this is very old request from many people, hope Asana dev team is should to release this update soon. Thanks


I would really really require this feature for my organisation as well. The sooner the better.


Another vote for date custom field. eg review date


I too would like to request the Date (with calendar selector) custom field type be added to Asana. Please add this feature ASAP. Thanks!