DATE - Custom Field Type

Why has this not been added yet? It’s been in the product feedback section for almost 4 years!! Lack of a custom date field is very inconvenient for our company and workflow :frowning:

  • Use case: In our team there’s two different dates for a task: The due date (when the task is finally due) and the date when a team member plans to get that task done.
  • Feature: We would love the ability to add a custom date field, so that a task can have a DUE date, and a DO date.
  • Impact: This would have a huge impact on our team. We often struggle with tasks becoming urgent at some point, because team members kind of “forget” to do tasks that have a due date, let’s say, at the end of the month … and they start working on that tasks maybe just one day before the due date, and that’s often way too late to get the task done in time. Of course it’s also a problem with their self managing but I think a due date and a do date would help all team members to better plan their own workload.
  • Workarounds: I sometimes use tags, and e.g. tag a task with “TODAY”, so that I know I want to to it today or “TOMORROW”.

hmmm… Nice Feature request!

Hi @Katharina_Lewald,

Good post - I agree with the concept of the two dates you describe.

If you haven’t yet, I’d suggest you add your vote for this enhancement-request post as well:

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum, @Katharina_Lewald! As @Phil_Seeman mentioned, we already have an existing thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main request to consolidate feedback!

Thanks Phil!

Literally the only thing missing from making Asana work as a real CRM. Feels like every feature I want has a thread like this started in 2017 with the most recent message saying ‘how has this not been done yet!’

Wonder what the Asana team is actually doing over there…


Please add the date feature as a custom column field. would be very helpful for importing CSV project plans that include start date. (I’ve searched for hours trying to find a solution for this and have found nothing … :thinking:

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For someone trying to use Asana for projects, it’s disappointing to see a feature request that is five years old die on the vine. 147 comments from many, many users. While the Community Managers responses are kind and thoughtful, it speaks volumes about the technical debt Asana has accumulated and/or the indifference from Asana’s internal service owners to solve papercut issues like this, which is baseline functionality for Project Management.

One of my workflows involves a simple sort by-group-by filter inclusive of two date ranges. Excel can do this. OmniPlanner does this, Quip does this, Monday does this, I can do this in SFDC, among other numerous other platforms.

The feedback guideline says to be constructively critical. What I’d like to see from Asana is to actually own these issues and deliver some sort of value. Is that possible? (Note to the Community Managers: I’m not particularly interested in “We know you’re frustrated” canned responses to respond to unhappy customers like myself. Just prioritize this feature, or close it as a wontfix)


Would love to see this topic returned to. Being able to add a second date function would be excellent for workflow. I want to have a “Submitted On” date column as well as a “Due by”. Please and thank you!

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The date functionality is ridiculous, the fact you can’t even change the wording from “Due Date” to whatever is required, eg “Launch Date”
All my projects have multiple dates. Please fix this, does this much much better

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