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First off, I want to say that I too would very much like to see a Custom Date Field, likely for many of the same reasons everyone else would. In response to comments like “it’s such a simple thing to do, why doesn’t Asana just do it?!”, I found the post from Asana below to be helpful to understand more about what needs to be accounted for in adding this feature…

while the data model for booleans and dates is simple in concept, the engineering and design work required to implement them in the web product is enormous. Custom fields are deeply ingrained in the product, and everywhere you see custom fields would need to be updated to support the new data types, which raises questions such as:

  • What new database indexes do we need to create to support efficient queries for all the sorting and filtering users want?
  • What changes do we need to make to our search indexing to support these new field types for the advanced search?
  • Do we support date ranges, or do we make users have two separate date custom fields to describe ranges? If we support date ranges, do we need to support sorting by start date? Can a date range have the same start and end date, or will we require that they match tasks which must have a start date strictly earlier than the due date?
  • Do we use drop-downs or check boxes to represent booleans? Checkboxes feel natural, but then there can be no “blank” value (only true and false, unlike existing enum fields that can have a “blank” value). If we use checkboxes and they don’t take up as much horizontal space when showing custom fields on tasks in the list view, do we change the limit of how many custom fields can be shown in the grid?
  • What is “ascending” for boolean values? True first, or false first? If we allow “blank” values do they always come last regardless of sort order, or do we hide them? How do we describe this behavior to users concisely in a menu? Do we think flipping the sort order is a requirement for users? What would people most commonly use booleans for, and which sort order should be the default?
  • Now that projects in portfolios can have custom fields, how do those views interact with the new field types?

The product teams here at Asana know how important custom fields are for our users, and want to be absolutely sure that we can provide a high-quality experience when new field types launch. We’re really excited to provide these new types to our users and we know how impactful they’ll be, which is why we want to get them right. I hope this helps clarify why we’ve had to delay them!

I totally get the potential complexity behind this but this suggestion started in 2017, more than 2 years ago. Even though this may be complex on the back end it is basic functionality that users have come to expect in modern applications and should have been done by now.

For the usage of ‘Forms’, this would be an invaluable addition.

Adding my support for this feature.

We have a list of Awards each year we aim to apply for and would like to track things like ‘Applications Open’ and ‘Application Deadlines’ as a date

It would be excellent if it was possible to add a Custom Field to a project that is a date/date range!

As an example, we want to use Asana to track the attendance of employees at conferences. But, we need to be able to note the following dates:

  1. The abstract submission date for a conference
  2. Closing date for Early Bird registrations
  3. They also need to note down the date/s of the conference itself

As far as I can tell, if I try and Add Custom Field, it will only let me put a Drop-Down Menu, a Number or Text. It doesn’t allow for the inclusion of another date/date range.

Yes, this has been asked before, you should head up there DATE - Custom Field Type

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Welcome to the Forum @Rebecca_Hyland and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I’m merging your post with the existing thread @Bastien_Siebman has mentioned . I hope it’s OK!
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Thank you @Bastien_Siebman!

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Please add this field type. It would make a huge difference in how we use custom fields. Thank you! :pray:t2:

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Hello, is there any news on this feature? It would be so incredibly useful for our business and is becoming a barrier to moving more things away from excel files - we really need this feature and would love an update of some sort beyond it is getting looked at. I do appreciate the complexities that must be involved in this, but any concrete update would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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looks like that I will have to head to another PM solution as adding additional dates field is a requirement I have.
Shame on Asana for not listening to its customers for over two years…


+1 for adding this. Would be the simplest thing in the world to add…

Any update on this feature, is it even on the roadmap? “Due date” is way to limited. You can set a start date, but it forces a due date.

+1 on making set Date available as action in Rules.

+1 to make this a feature. Our business really needs this functionality.

Agreed. Custom date field please!

A Date Custom Field Type that links to Date inputs from Forms would be super helpful to our team! Please add.

We need to be able to ADD new date fields. We are scheduling the editing of television shows, where the DUE DATE is different from the AIR DATE. We need to be able to include both.

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Welcome to the Forum @Matthew_Avant and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Sounds like your request is similar to this one: DATE - Custom Field Type

If that’s the case, please let me know and I’ll be happy to merge them to consolidate feedback. Please don’t forget to cast your vote!

In the meantime, have you consider using subtasks to break up the different editing stages with its own assignee and/or due date?

I hope this helps Matthew! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Yes you can merge it to consolidate feedback. This would be a great feature!

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Plus 1, I really need this for forms to set date ranges in projects requested.