DATE - Custom Field Type

Another voice to the ‘why on earth is this not an option’ conversation. There’s no need for this to be as complex as is being made out by developers - it doesn’t need to be tied into any project scheduling complexity, even a basic option as a way of formatting a text or number field would be a significant improvement.

As a business we’re well down the road of building systems around Asana, but if they’re as unresponsive as this to a basic functional element we may well look to competitors before we get any further in.


It would be useful to have the ability to add a custom field with data type = date (calendar selection.

Another vote for this - how has this request been outstanding for 4 years? Shouldn’t be that hard.

This has been open since 2017! That is FOUR years!!
Any update on this, Asana? When is a Custom Date field coming?

Why is this not addressed? Its such an important ask and a must need? Isnt it?

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Adding a couple other use cases (which I’m sure someone already mentioned somewhere in this long thread considering how long it’s been open):

  • Created date
  • Form submitted date

Airtable does a lot better with custom field types. There shouldn’t be a limit to the number of date fields we have.


There shouldn’t be a limit to the number of date fields we have.

Agreed…this is nearly 2022 after all. Computers were going to transform the workplace and it’s been a half-century plus. Yet here we are, begging for a date field and trying to explain its value to the Asana team. :confused:


This would be really useful!

It looks like this request has been going on for years now and its a pretty simple . Is there a needed no. of votes before this request is actually actioned and added to a development queue?

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How wierd, radio silence from the team at Asana - i am currently choosing between Monday and this product - I can’t buy into a company that does not implement such a simple feature after years of users asking for it, sorry…

Hi @Dan_Barton and welcome to the forum!

Actually not weird - Asana’s policy is not to comment on unreleased features or specific elements of their product roadmap. If you’re going to choose Asana, you’ll have to live with that policy decision on their part.

Actually, it is weird. Companies should communicate about what’s next with their products and Asana should be embarrassed that this hasn’t been addressed for this long. We are leaving Asana as soon as we can because of this and a bunch of other issues.

  • One of which is the new color scheme that came out of nowhere with no option to keep the legacy colors.

  • Not being able to adjust the section name margin in timeline view. It cuts off the names.

  • STILL no ability to sort columns in reverse (Z-A) like any other project management or spreadsheet tool!

  • STILL no user permissions available to restrict user from deleting content while still allowing them to add/edit content and tasks.

  • STILL no centralized Recycle bin for deleted tasks so managers can see what their team has deleted!

  • Unable to share task templates across projects…makes them almost useless and creates a TON of work and its confusing as hell as the task that generates the template can be added to multiple projects but the template itself cannot.

  • Severely lackluster Undo functionality

Asana doesn’t have any interest in listening to users. I think that’s pretty clear from this forum.

To be clear, I was referring to the comment that radio silence form Asana was weird. My point was that radio silence is not weird, but rather is expected, given their policy; and I wanted to make sure Dan was aware of that.

I respect your view on whether that policy is good or not! I have my own views on that subject, but wasn’t referring to that in my post.

FWIW, This post is of interest regarding competitors’ policies on commenting on unreleased features:

@Motor, your comment “Asana doesn’t have any interest in listening to users” is both untrue and unfair. For years they’ve been transparent about their polices, for example:



The lack of this field is really messing up my workflow. Please implement date fields already!


The Custome Date Field in all honesty should have been delivered out of the box as it is one of the main field types. Please implement the custom Date field. Is there any ETA on this as it has been open since 2017!!!


Bumping this… seems like such a simple thing that could be implemented.

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This is needed so often. I cannot understand why it still isn’t available after all of these years and all of this feedback. Asana…where are you?

Hello! We are trialing Asana at our company and so far, have a fairly good impression of it. I am requesting some help/guidance for a relatively small task which is, unfortunately, eluding me.

With my project in the Task List view, I have a Due date column already. I am trying to add a “Date Completed” column to record the actual completion date of a specific task.

However, the “Add Field” option (via the ‘+’ button or ‘customize’ option) is giving me choices (Single Select, multiple select, text, number, currency), none of which is a date field. Can some kind soul please tell me how I can get a date column in the task list view?

Thanks in advance.


Hello and welcome to the Asana Forums!

So there’s no way to show multiple dates when looking at a list.
1 way around this that I’ve done is Planned Completion and Completion, but I only do that to bring data forward from Asana to Power BI.

Absent that you can search by date completed in the search field in the top right, or if you export a project to a CSV there will be columns for date created, date started, date completed, last modified at.

Thank you so much for trying to help, Will. I appreciate it.

It’s weird, right? Not being able to add a “Date Completed” column when there is a “Due Date” column in the Task list view?

Would you know if there is someone as Asana whom I can talk to about this? A completion date field seems like an important and valuable requirement for a project management software.