DATE - Custom Field Type

I totally agree with everyone here. Asana, please provide us a custom date field. Dates added in text fields cannot be accurately used for custom reporting and comparison purposes.


Yes - ideally launched in tandem with creation date, completion date, or similar metadata that’s already captured, just invisible until exported or manually reviewing task history.

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Just looking for an update on this …


Also STILL waiting for an update on this, Also a TIME picker is needed as well!


Still waiting, maybe 2022 is the magic year! Does Asana only have 1 dev who works part time? Lmk if you need a resume lol


A custom date field would be helpful and I am hoping that custom dates could be used as filters in dashboard reports.

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Also requesting this feature, please …

Please add the ability to add a custom date field in task lists. This would be in addition to the existing “Due date” field.