Dashboard vs Portfolio


I understand updates/upgrades to better enhance the usability of a product, however, doubling the price to access a feature that was previously included in a lower tier – please explain the rationale. And, then on top of it, every day for about a month, we have been reminded that Dashboards are going away DECEMBER 1st to be replaced by Portfolios. So, why, since at least November 1st, are Portfolios now on my sidebar and Dashboards are gone? I realize that I can still access Dashboards, but again, Portfolios have become primary and I must click again to change back to Dashboards Classics EVERY TIME I need to access it, which by the way is frequent since we use the dashboard a lot (in case you didn’t realize)!!

We moved to Asana about 8 months ago and in that time, while we have loved the transition from our previous program, the absolutely most frustrating thing has been the number of changes, the ones you call upgrades, both big and small. They seem random and sporadic, with little notice that something will be new or changed.

No one likes change but can adapt if I feel like you haven’t updated and made the product less functional just for the opportunity to charge a premium cost, with a change to your payment structure.

I look forward to hearing your rationale, as well as how others feel about it.


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