Dashboard View for 4+ Projects



I love the dashboard feature and seeing my projects in order of when they are due and their current status (I need this), but now realize I am only allowed 3 projects with my free membership. If I upgrade to Premium, I will be paying $250 a year for an additional 4 members that I do not have. I may eventually want one other person looking at this account, but by no means need to pay for 5 total people. Is there any way around this, or am I going to have to search for another more economical project management program? I really need to be able to see all projects at one time…and not in a calendar view.


@Loreen_Hospodar I’m glad to hear you love the dashboard feature! Asana see’s most success as a collaboration tool. It’s for this reason that our entry level tier allows up to 5 users, to make collaborating with others as easy as possible. So it’s less that you’re paying for more extra members and more that you’re paying for one plan that allows for more users at the same price.

We often suggest monthly billing so you can try out these premium features at a low risk when you start out. You always have the option to revert or switch to an annual discount. I hope this is helpful! I’m happy to connect you with someone on my team directly if you have more questions.


I would love to see what other options there are for me. I do not need to connect with a team…I just like the visual of the dashboard view, so I’d rather not pay for additional members. Thanks for your help.


We’ve noted this feedback. Thanks Loreen :slight_smile:


Will someone be getting in touch with me?


If you’d like someone to get in touch with you, we can certainly make that happen! I’ll send your info along.


Thank you so much Alexis! That would be great. I just want to know what my other options are and if I’m missing something visually that could be used instead.


No problem at all - I’m happy to help!


@Loreen_Hospodar circling back here because I’m confident we can find a workaround solution for you.

What is your familiarity with advanced search? Advanced search is a super helpful reporting tool in Asana that can give you an overview of your projects status. I am thinking that a combination of advanced search reporting and strategic projects with sections and subtask could work for you.

A simplified example could look like this:

  • Project 1 name: Admin

  • Sections: Scheduling, Billing, Payroll

  • Example task: Scheduling

  • Example subtasks: Woods visit (+date), Taylor kickoff (+date) --> be sure to use keyboard shortcut Tab+P in each subtask to tether the subtask to the parent project, in this case “Admin”

  • Project 2 name: Client projects

  • Project 2 sections: Woods Wedding, Taylor Office, Smith Invitations

  • …etc. for task and subtask

In this scenario you’d use projects for high level teams, then sections, tasks, and subtasks for getting progressively more granular. Be sure that you tether the subtask to the parent project in order to view it in your advanced search reports.

When you want to view the status of all your projects, use advanced search to see who’s doing what by when for all of your work. This reporting article goes into detail about the kinds of searches you can create: https://asana.com/guide/team/advanced/getting-insights … you might also like the option to see reports in Google sheets.

Please let us know if you have follow up questions. :slight_smile: