Dashboard on ios (ipad, iphone etc)



I usually look at project status and dashboards when I’ve got a quiet moment - at an airport, waiting for a train, in front of the tv - all when I either when its not convenient to bust out the laptop or when I don’t have the laptop with me. I want to see and update status and dashboards on the iphone / ipad but the option doesn’t seem to exist. Would be incredibly handy, otherwise for me the discipline just doesn’t get done.

Have set up a client on Asana recently. They’ve said the same thing (unprompted by me).

Not sure how the folks do it who have ditched their laptop for an ipad pro or similar.


I agree - this would be an excellent addition and would truly take Asana fully mobile. I want to be able to look at the project status at a time of my choosing not a a time dictated whether I am near my laptop. Would be interest in the Development team’s thoughts.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us and for providing us with some context @Todd_Davies and @Tom_McLeod; I can see why and how useful it would be to access your Dashboards via mobile. While I can’t promise when this could potentially be implemented, our Product Managers definitely take your feedback on Board for future mobile developments!