Dashboard in Kanban format



When taking a program / PMO view (total of all projects) the dashboard is limited. I do a workaround by setting up a Kanban board with the names of all projects and dragging them to the right spot.

If the Dashboard view allowed columns - Kanban style I’d be unstoppable and be able to see at an Exec / Sponsor level where to focus my attention. Would be an awesome feature.

Also is a fairly standard request (or something like it) that comes up with a lot of my clients.

This is a feature request but if anyone has any cool ideas or workarounds to get the same outcome let me know. The more automated without having to write code the better.



The ability to group and organize the Projects in a Dashboard in any way would be a valuable feature.

As I work around, I would suggest using the feature that allows export of the Dashboard to a Google sheet. From there you can arrange your data anyway you like. It’s the best way to augment the limited functionality of the Dashboard.