Dashboard-Google Sheet- Project Chart- No Legend text


Has anyone found that when they use the Dashboards-Google Sheets integration and view the charts, that the legend has no labels? No matter what I do I can’t get the labels to show.


Hi Mark,
Are you still experiencing this issue?



No legend text.


Same issue here. Is there a fix planned?


Hi folks! I’ve reached out to my team to explore this issue. I’ll get back to you about next steps asap :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is sorted, but I have a solution. Open chart editor and tick “Use row 3 as headers” in the Data tab.



Worked like a charm… Thanks Jamie!!!


Works fine - thanks!


I’m new here and I’m not yet clear on the border between Google Charts and Asana. I have this kerfuffle with Charts, too. Only, the workaround isn’t as pat.

I’m charting data from the midst of the table. So, the titles I want for the legend are not right above the first row of data I’m charting. I could clone the rows of interest and put the titles in the column(s) above, but that’s hokey.

Better would be if Charts allowed the column header row to be selected, instead of assuming which one. But, that does not seem to be supported. Sound correct? Or, is there another workaround aside from cloning data?


Here’s what happens: