Dashboard for each team member


Is there a possibility for the managers (or other users) to have in the dashboard a general overview of open tasks for each team member?

Put projects in folders

are you looking for folders within teams, Dan? is there a reason why you need to create an additional layer like that?
As for a dashboard that gives you access to certain team members tasks, yes, you can simply search the team member’s name and you will be able to view all their tasks. you can favourite this search and it will appear on the top left panel.

If you want them all to appear in the dashboard, what I suggest you do is create one project and call it Team’s workload. Anyof you team members tasks can then be added to this project and you can view this in the dashboard. Hope this helps.


@Dan_peled, you can try creating an Advanced Search to bubble up these Tasks. Put the names of the team members assigned to the Tasks you’d like to see, and then select “Incomplete” as a Filter. You can sort this Search View by assignee for a clear sense of what each person is working on! More here.