Dashboard Flag through API



I have a question regarding Dashboards and API responses. Is there a way to pull down projects that are in my Dashboard? Excluding any other projects.

Maybe there is a better way to solve this. Here is my usecase: we are using Asana for our day-to-day, but we need better reporting capabilities. Exporting to Google Sheets is great, but due to change in company’s policy, we no longer have access to Google Docs suite, therefore I need to find an alternative way to generate a report (preferably in CSV or similar format). My thinking was to spin up a simple Node app, pull down the projects that are in dashboard and generate CSV file. Any other ideas would be super helpful!



There is nothing about Dashboard in the API https://asana.com/developers/api-reference/users so maybe you can memorize in another way what projects are in what dashboard and still work on your idea? Either through a config file, or some special words in the projects descriptions… I am happy to bounce ideas on each other to find a solution.


Darn that’s what I thought. It would probably be easiest to pull down all projects, display them in some format and let user (manager) select which ones to report about. Then only those selected will be transformed into one CSV file. Might be quite an effort though, almost rebuilding Asana’s Dashboard functionality only with the intent of downloading info not to Google Sheets but straight to CSV.


You can also check out existing tools like Screenful https://screenful.com/dashboard-for-asana/ or any other on https://asana.com/apps


I would think you could do an advanced search for dashboard projects (you’d have to specify the projects yourself probably) and then run or pull a CSV for that - wouldn’t that work? I like your idea of doing a simple select interface for it, but really just an advanced search CSV should give you all the data you need - maybe I’m wrong though, not sure if it would include stuff like project status or updates…

Sorry off topic, but this would be devastating I’m sorry.


Haha, thanks for the sentiment! It is a challenge to try and use the latest and greatest tools out there when almost every website is locked down behind firewall. But it is a nature of Financial Services I suppose.