Dashboard & email push




In order to avoid unnecessary meetings we would like to leverage the dashboard to communicate progress for each of our company goals (Asana projects). The weekly dashboard email sounds nice on paper but none of the manager want to use it because the emails are very long (the formatting and design of the email includes unnecessary information and makes the relevant part difficult to consume). The work-around I had to create involves the spreadsheet sync, and a zapier integration to a slack channel. It is annoying as it takes the users away from the tools they are already using. I would like for them to be able to access the information they need where they are (in the asana app or in their email). Is there a way to configure the weekly dashboard email to include the information that is relevant for our company? Could you share some roadmap visibility on how the dashboard will evolve in the future. It is an extremely important aspect of Asana but unfortunately no one is using it in our company because the design and features available are too limited and do not suit our needs. It participates in driving the user away from Asana sadly because they have to find their information elsewhere.
Thanks for your help!


Bridge24.com is trying to upgrade BI (Business Intelligence) reporting. Might take a look at that and see if anything available.