Dashboard edit for existing templates

Is there a way that i can edit and update the dashboard view for templates I’ve already created for my workplace? i can set it up then save a project as a template however I don’t see how to correct it once the template is created and distributed.

That’s a very good point and I am pretty sure this is a missing feature from the new V2 templates. @Phil_Seeman you are quite up to date with this topic, any insight?

Hi @Michael_Z, are you referring to changing the dashboard in the template itself or the projects created from the template?

Hey @Rebecca_McGrath I am referring to the dashboard in the template itself. I’ve made better functioning dashboards after i made the templates. Or even if new features are added to the dashboard like widgets, id like to know how to add them to existing templates.

Thanks for following up, @Michael_Z! It’s not currently possible to edit the Dashboard in the template. You would need to adjust the initial project the template was created from and create a new template.

I’m moving your thread to the #productfeedback category for the time being to give you and other community members an option to vote for this feature!


Does this mean template V2 DO have dashboards but we just can’t edit them?