Dashboard - Add new View option



I would like to propose that you add a new dropdown option to have Projects by Assignee. That way it organizes all the projects by the assigned person.


Hi @Claudio, thanks for the feedback! I’ll be sure to note it! In the meantime, you can manually drag and drop to arrange your projects by assignee.


I appreciate the suggestion. We already use the “Custom order” to put it by priority. The use case for adding this feature is so I can quickly reorganize all the dashboards by person while in the meetings. This will help me hold people accountable for commenting on their dashboard.


Hi Claudio, welcome to the community.

If you are interested in discussing a more general overhaul of the dashboard / high level overview, i can recommend this thread here: A better Dashboard for high level overview

Looking forward to hear your comments.



I agree that this would be helpful. I would additionally like to be able to resize or see it a bit more compact on a screen for a quick glance. Or be able to drag the projects into columns by user.