Darkness of main task name in task list


Hello there,
May you please make darker main task names in task list?
When we print out tasks, we can see subtask, but we can not see main task name on paper.

Thanks for you help.


No answer?


Asana is checking out posts regularly and discuss most topics with the product team. You will have feedback if they have anything new to share :wink:


Still no answer? :grin:


@Suat_Caglar_KARAMAN there is no need to insist, Asana will not provide any timeframe or if they are working on it or not. You will get news only when it is done basically, if they do it :wink:


I created this topic on 17 November 2017. And today is 18 February 2018. It is about 3 months… So I don’t think that I insist :smiley:
I “will” wait for “black main task names” :slight_smile: