Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Custom Timeframe Task Progress Bar



I am personally motivated by seeing progress as I achieve it. That’s why I think it would be great to include a progress bar or “To-do meter” as I’ve heard it called, that can measure on timeframes - not just projects!

Maybe something that is omnipresent on the page or “my tasks” list?

Basically it would work like this:

By default, every task is the same unit size. If a custom field is set for an hourly integer, however, it can be arranged to fill up per the assigned value of the task.

Then, one could have a daily meter, a weekly meter, and a monthly meter to see if they are on track to complete their tasks or if they are way behind!

Great for resource management, excellent for personal motivation.



Hi @Evan_Sigvaldsen,

I totally agree :slight_smile:
I’m actually working on something along the lines of what you’re looking for.
I’ll update once it’s available in the next few weeks.


Cool! Please do share. Looking forward to seeing it.


Has this been completed yet? Any updates?


Hi @Chasity_Williams,
I’m working on something that might be relevant to you. if you’re interested in joining our private beta please contact me at roneleyal@gmail.com