Daily Tasks Won't Stay Daily


Whenever I check off a daily task as completed, it doesn’t populate to the next day. Then, I check it, and the setting I previously put in as for “daily” isn’t there anymore. It’s become a one-time task. So, I make it “daily” again in the settings…and the same thing happens the next day! It’s now happening with all three of my daily tasks and driving me bonkers. Please help!


Sometimes you need a few seconds/minutes before seing the next task… Can you confirm?


Are you seeing and clicking on the Done button when you set the repeat? Sometimes on my screen this is not visible and I have to scroll down within the date setting box to see it. I got caught out a few times before I realised.


I usually don’t click on the Done button no.


That’s the problem then! I ususally don’t see the Done button unless I scroll down within the box, but if you don’t click it, it doesn’t save your settings.


I definitely click on the done button. When I check before I check off the task, it’s always listed as a daily with the little arrow circle. But as soon as I check it off for that day, the little arrow circle on the date disappears.


I just tested and the Done button is optional in my Asana and in Chrome at least.


Yes because that task is Done, and another one is created. This is not the same task that changes. It’s another task that is created.