Daily Standup Task Report

Ability to configure a view of tasks that show what I completed last business day & what will be worked on today. Preferably this would be a widget on the Home page.

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You can set up a chart with filter in the dashboard or reporting such as this one for example:

In order to see the full task list just click on the chart and they will display.

Hi @Adam_Foot , in addition to @Andrea_Mayer 's great suggestion, I personally just have a quick look at My Tasks and filter as such:

and as for this, well, sorting My Tasks by due date and reviewing everything marked ‘Today’ usually works for me :smiley:

Doesn’t the ‘My Priorities’ widget on the Home page work for you? It seems to have everything that you’re asking for…
Apologies if I have completely misunderstood!

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All of these still require the user to be clicking during the meeting to go between yesterday & today’s tasks. It would be nice to have a single view of completed yesterday & due today tasks. Best workaround I could find is a saved search but it’s not as nice or intuitive as a dedicated widget would be.

Re the priorities widget - just shows all my tasks, not just tasks that I’ll be doing today so cannot be used for this purpose. Also requires you to click between completed & upcoming during the meeting so not ideal.

Oh I see @Adam_Foot , sorry I didn’t understand this was for presenting during a meeting, as the topic clearly implies! :sweat_smile:

I was going to suggest using Status Updates (available in all plans, even Basic) which might be going a bit overboard, but this feature is designed for weekly reporting, not daily. Plus, it only applies to a certain project and not available in your My Tasks (at the time of writing).

Therefore, what you are looking for is perhaps a Dashboard tab in My Tasks where you could quickly display what you are looking for during your Daily standup…?

Shall we edit the topic title to something like that?

What do you think @Andrea_Mayer ?


Yeah, agree.

I mean as you also mentioned the sections would serve well normally.
The graphs,etc yes all would need one extra click to access the data.

One other thing I can think of is to set up rules for multi-home tasks and remove them from the other projects again. Now the tricky thing is date-based rules only run once around midnight so that might not work ideally either then.