Cybersecurity Reseller and Technical Support Use Cases

Hello Everyone,

I thought it would be helpful to explain how and Cybersecurity Reseller and Technical Support team uses the Asana platform. I will be breaking down how our projects are organized, the sections they are in, and how it has helped our company grow as well as stay organized.

  1. When an opportunity is created in Salesforce, Asana will automatically create a project and tie itself to the Salesforce opportunity. This is extremely useful, as our sales team works in Salesforce a great deal.

  2. The project is automatically created from a custom template (or if you prefer Asana’s pre-made templates, they can be utilized just as well). This allows all our opportunities to have consistency and automation.

  3. Once the project is fully created, our whole team is able to have visibility into the sales workflow. Our engineering support team is able to give input to technical questions that an opportunity may have all within the project created.

  4. The final step is when the sales team closes a deal and transitions the duties over to the engineering support team. With the amazing function of rules, our sales team is able to complete a task, and automate the creation of the assigned engineering tasks into a new section.

  5. The engineering team is able to work within Asana to track bugs using Asana templates/custom fields, provide links to customers to have visibility into the completion of a project within Asana, and provide information to the sales team in case the customer needs additional services or equipment.

Asana provides deep integration between teams. Even if the organization is small, communication and order can be chaotic. Asana allows many companies, including a Cybersecurity reseller such as ourselves, to make sure our customers are well-equipped, our team is in constant communication, and our projects are in sync.

I hope this post is helpful to incoming Asana users as well as an encouragement to many!


Thank you for sharing this valuable use case, @Mike_Tammaro! :clap:

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Hi @Mike_Tammaro
I myself am a Cyber Security Consultant and use ASANA in my daily life, and would love to see how Asana could shape up Security consulting firms.

Holler me if you need anything.


How do you tie a project to an opportunity in Salesforce from Asana’s side?

How do you create a task using rules? Is this a subtask?


Hey @Bastien_Siebman:

When I wrote this, I don’t think I fully understood the function, but when Salesforce creates an opportunity, it’ll trigger an Asana project creation, followed by a task that has all the information of the opportunity. There’s a link within the task that’ll take the user directly to Salesforce.

Yes, it is a subtask. Again, one of my early posts when I assumed subtasks inherited parent tasks functions :slight_smile:

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Thanks, sorry for digging your post up, I had it bookmarked for a while and went through my bookmarks :slight_smile:

No problem! Hope my answer made sense